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ERA Guidelines

The Society offers Educational Reimbursement Awards (ERA)  annually. 

ERA Application submission window is now closed.  Our ERA provides CAP exam applicants an opportunity to recoup some of their certification expenses.  Click here for ERA  Guidelines...

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Dues are only $15/year, but the benefits of membership are priceless!

Our brochure is currently being updated and will be available soon.

e-Newsletters and
Programs & Events

e-Newsletters and Programs and Events At-A-Glance

Our two information sources will  keep you updated on current events and local happenings.

Our first e-Newsletter issue is available (March 2014).  For a quick look at various programs and events occurring in and around the Houston area, click our P&E At-A-Glance link..

A re-CAP of
Our 2014 Annual Meeting (January 25)

Meetings and Educational Programs


Click here to view a PDF slideshow provided by one of our two speakers from 01/25/2014.

We have a Semi-Annual Learning Event (SALE) planned for 06/21/14 from 9-2 and our next Annual Meeting is set for 01/31/15 with speaker details forthcoming.  Mark your calendars for these two dates / events and check back often for updates.

Message from Our 2014 President    

CAP Society of Texas Logo

We had an excellent turnout at our 32nd Annual Meeting on Saturday, 25 Jan 2014 and am pleased to announce that we have completely filled all committee positions. With that, I am pleased to announce the following members as your newly elected Board of Directors for 2014:

Daisy McKenzie, CAP-OM, Vice President


Pat Cravens, CAP-OM, Secretary

Deborah Darnell, CAP-OM, Treasurer

and, myself, Cheryl Baker, CAP-OM, President

The CAP Society realized growth in its membership for 2013 and we are excited to share our plans for this year. There will be several changes that should prove to be exciting. I plan to hold a minimum of four board meetings and work with the Board in updating our Bylaws ready for a member vote next year.  We will be holding planning discussions relating to conducting a SALE (Semi-Annual Learning Event) in the summer. The CAP Society of Texas will search for a family in need and provide help during the Christmas holidays with gifts and food.  Lots of planning, lots of excitement, lots of togetherness, and lots of success – I encourage all members to participate when and where they can on our various committees. With your help, we will have so much to report at our next Annual Meeting in January, 2015 that the hour-long business meeting won’t be time enough to fully report. 

Please send me any comments or suggestions to my e-mail listed above; I look forward to working with you. 

Cheryl Baker, CAP-OM, President.

Who We Are

Our Objectives:  To establish an information network assisting the Certified Administrative Professional through individual professional recognition and career enhancement.  To consolidate the interest and efforts of each member toward the promotion and recognition of the certifying program and its professional status.

Our History:  Chartered August 28, 1982, we have undergone many challenges and changes.  We've modified our name twice since 2003 to coincide with changing trends in the profession. 


News & Networking 


Our e-Newsletter:  Click here to view our March 2014 issue.  Members are encouraged to contribute as this publication is theirs to share with others about personal and professional accomplishments and to submit articles for publication which will benefit our readers.  Please send articles of interest, including both those you find through research and those individually written to our e-Newsletter Chairman, Lieah Torbert, CAP-OM, at

e-Newsletter Archive forthcoming        

Our ICC Liaison, Jill Carney, CAP-OM, will participate with the local IAAP Inter-City Council ensuring members are kept informed of upcoming events in keeping with our long-standing tradition of networking with this group. Jill will also be expanding her leadership expertise by communicating with other organizations in sharing information about their programs that could be of benefit to our members, as well.  Click here for Programs & Events At-A-Glance.


Our Education / Recertification committee, led by Marlene Houston, CAP, once again awarded its Education Reimbursement Award (ERA) at our 2014 Annual Meeting.  We are pleased that this award was presented to a deserving individual who sought and successfully achieved professional certification.   The Society is planning to offer this award at its 2015 Annual Meeting, so if you or someone you know successfully certifies as a CAP in 2015, please share this information and have them visit this site at year-end to obtain the submission packet.  Please read our ERA Guidelines to become familiar with our process. 

Please visit often as updates are routinely posted.  Site comments / questions,